From satin finishes to a full deep mirror shine, we use a series of different techniques to restore & finish new or existing metal materials to the finish you require.



We prepare and polish the metals below to your specification:

  • Stainless steel

  • Bronze

  • Copper

  • Brass

  • Aluminium

Types of Finishes:

  • Satin - Also known as grain or dull polish

  • Bright - Reflective surface

  • Mirror - Full, deep mirror polish

  • Superior mirror - Suitable for electro plating

  • Orbital Sand - Finish obtained by using hand held orbital sander

We can also advise which finishes are best suited to your material. We are also able to use our full range of equipment to experiment and provide the finish that you require.

  • Castings - Grinding rough edges in preparation for final polishing stage

  • Sculptures - Different finishes available to new or existing pieces

  • Weld blending - Grinding welds to a smooth appearance

  • Restoring Scratched items - Bringing pieces back to their original condition

Our comprehensive polishing service includes scratch removal and re-graining. At Mr Scratch we are fully versed in the subtle differences required to handle and process these very different metals to carefully remove signs of damage and age and restore them to their maximum visual potential.
A variety of polished finishes can be achieved on metal, including, dull polish, satin polish, bright polish and the irresistible sparkle of a full mirror polish.
These finishes can be achieved on small intricate component parts, large raw materials such as sheets, rods, tubes and other profiles and larger architectural pieces, either new or as part of a restoration projects. Large fixtures such as handrails large sculptures, reception areas, columns and balustrades can all be restored, polished and finished on site.

Commercial and retail property owners are constantly facing dents, graffiti, scuffs, scratches, stains and other cosmetic damage to lift doors. At Mr Scratch we are able to restore lift doors and interior panelling, restoring them like new leaving them with a pristine finish.

Examples of our repiars;

  • Scratch removal from lift panelling and glass

  • Graffiti removal to lift panelling and glass 

  • Polishing of handrails

  • Respray coated doors

We are able to polish/finish the lifts to a brushed, mirror or satin finish. 


Mr Scratch technicians are able to remove etched graffiti from almost any type of metal. As a cost efficient, environmentally friendly resolution to replacing contact us today for a quotation. 

Examples of our repairs;

  • Repair to door flashings

  • Hand rails

  • Entrance barriers 

  • Banisters

  • Architectural features

  • Aircraft

  • Kitchen and bathroom fittings and worktops


Our technicians are lucky to work with furniture designers and distributers.

We are involved in the finishing stages before sale. Our clients request for their items to be polished to an impeccable shine, removing any scuffs, prints, fine scratches. We are able to collect pieces and return completed or can work on site.

Please see our gallery and recent works for examples of furniture restoration we have completed. 


Mr Scratch have recently seen a large increase in requests to complete spraying of aluminium building facades. It is proving to be more common for developers to purchase aluminium prefabricated structures. Once these structures are installed they are scratched and damaged and on some occassions have been installed in colours which do not match. 

Our technicians are experienced in completing resprays to a multitude of surfaces, whether this be a repair to damage or simply a colour change. Please see our Smart Repairs page to see more respray projects we can assist you with. 

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Worktop restoration- Before
Worktop restoration- After
stainless steel double sink- before
stainless steel double sink- After
stainless steel sink- Before
Stainless steel sink restored
Stainless steel sink - Before
Stainless steel sink restored
Metal mirror trim- Before
mirror trim- restored
mirror trim before
Metal mirror trim restored
mirror trim polishing
internal lift car door skins- before
internal lift car door skins restore
lift control panel- before
lift control panel restored
lift control panel- before
lift control panel restored
kitchen island worktop- before
kitchen island worktop- during
kitchen island worktop- After
kitchen worktop island after
kitchen hob- before
Outdoor kitchen cooker hood- before
Outdoor kitchen- cooker hood, during
Outdoor kitchen- cooker hood- during
Outdoor kitchen- after- restoration
i4- after 1
Lift control panel, graffiti removal
Lift control panel, graffiti removal
Damaged aluminium splash back
Restored aluminium splash back
Diesel, Knightsbridge
Stairwell corner pieces- before
Stairwell corner pieces- After
Stainless steel cupboard- Before
Stainless steel storage shelf
Stainless steel storage shelf
Stainless steel sink
Stainless steel sink-After
Stainless steel sink -close up-After
Stainless Steel Fridge - Before
Stainless Steel Fridge - After
Scratched Sink - Before
Scratched Sink - After
Damaged Lift- Before
Damaged lift- During
Damaged lift- After
Damaged handrail- Before
Damaged handrail- During
Damaged Lift Doors- Before
Damaged Lift Doors- During
Damaged Lift Doors- After
Damaged surround of lift- Before
Damaged surround of lift- After
Damaged Floor Plate- Before
Damaged Floor Plate- After
Stainless steel sink - Before

many surface scratches caused by builders storing equipment in the sink