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Can you polish toughened glass? 

Yes, we can polish all types of glass. 

The only exception for polishing is if the glass has a protective coatings applied. 

Can all scratches be removed from glass? 

Yes, we are able to remove all scratches from glass. 

When polishing a window if the scratch is within 1cm of the frame the gasket and beading must be removed.


How much glass can you polish in one day?

Without seeing the glass this is an almost impossible question to answer. Scratched glass is extremely hard to photograph, however, we should be able to provide a better estimate if a photo can be sent. Scratches on glass can vary in depth, length and grouped quantities which is why time estimates can only be a guestimate until viewed. 


Can you polish glass tables? 

Yes we can! We also polish, windows, doors, skylights, mirrors, ceramic hobs, shower screens and balcony balustrades. Our technicians work on a day rate so please make the most of your day by checking these items to see if we can help whilst working on your table. 


Are you expensive? 

No, we are not expensive. We work within the commercial construction industry on a daily basis and have extremely competitive rates and provide a fantastic service with skilled technicians. We approach residential work in the same way we do commercial. We charge a day rate and encourage you to provide a list of repairs as opposed to just one as of course, this will then make the service expensive. 

As a reminder, we can polish any of the following; 

Windows, doors, skylights, mirrors, ceramic hobs, shower screens and balcony balustrades to name a few.

  CALL US ON: 08000235393

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