At Mr Scratch we specialise in glass repairs for both domestic and commercial properties based in London and the South East. Our experienced team offer a cost effective, time efficient service with fantastic results.


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Replacing glass when it has been scratched, defaced or vandalised can be time consuming and costly. Using our processes, the removal of this damage is simple and far more cost effective than replacing the glass, restoring it back to its original self. 

Examples of previous case studies within the construction, residential & retail industries include:

    •    Curtain Walling

    •    Shop fronts

    •    Glass roofs

    •    Shower screens

    •    Mirrors

    •    Glass tables

    •    Patio Doors

    •    Windows

    •    Car windscreens

    •    Skylights

The Prevention, Protection and Repair of glass via the processes of Peelable Spray Coatings, Window Filming and Scratch Removal.


Graffiti tags can be removed easily and quickly ensuring your brand image remains intact.

At Mr Scratch we are fully aware of the detrimental effect vandalism can have on your business. If you are able to email a photograph of the damage to we can provide you with an instant quote and availability to repair. 


Weld and Grinder spatter will burn your glass surface.

There are two stages of removing the spatter and then removing remaining damage; 

The first stage involves the removal of all the metal particles imbedded in the glass and then chemically cleaning the damaged area to remove any remaining metal oxides, burn marks or stains. This leaves the glass with small white frosted dots where the hot metal has burnt into the surface. 

The second stage is to remove these frosted dots by abrading the surface of glass to the bottom of the dots and then polishing clear with a compound, to leave the result of clear glass.

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Mr Scratch technicians are able to remove any type of scratch from almost any type of glass. As a cost efficient, environmentally friendly resolution to replacing contact us today for a quotation. ​

From repairing scratched glass facades, structural glass, curtain walls, balustrades, to just about any window or glass surface, our team are just a call away.