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Dents, graffiti, scuffs, scratches, stains and other cosmetic damage to lifts is very common. At Mr Scratch we are able to restore lift doors, interior panelling, handrails, control panels and ceilings, restoring them like new leaving them with a pristine finish. 

Our comprehensive polishing service includes scratch removal and re-graining. At Mr Scratch we are fully versed in the subtle differences required to handle different metals to carefully remove signs of damage and age and restore them to their maximum visual potential.

Examples of our repairs;

  • Scratch removal from lift panelling and glass

  • Graffiti removal to lift panelling and glass 

  • Polishing of handrails

  • Respray coated doors

Types of finishes;

  • Brushed 

  • Mirror

  • Satin

Types of polished finishes;

  • Dull polish

  • Satin polish

  • Bright polish

  • Mirror polish

We can work at your convenience, if you choose to carry out lift restoration works during normal business hours, lifts will be labelled with the technicians contact details should residents require access. Technicians will set up a barrier around the working area to minimise any risks to the public.

We are also able to complete lift restoration works out of hours. 

  CALL US ON: 08000235393

  CALL US ON: 08000235393

  CALL US ON: 08000235393

  CALL US ON: 08000235393

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