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Can you remove deep scratches? 

Yes, we are able to remove deep scratches. A surface scratch is something that is not felt with your fingernail. Anything that can be felt with your nail can be removed, however, this is more time consuming. 


Can you achieve all finishes? 

Yes, we can polish to brush, satin or mirror finish. 


Will the lift need to be shutdown to be polished?

The lift does not need to be shut down as we use battery operated machinery.


Does lift polishing need to be completed out of hours? 

No, lift polishing can be completed at any time. Our technicians carry signs to advise residents/ tenants that lift polishing works will be completed, they use barriers to shut areas off to the public when needed and use battery operated machines if the lift needs to be in service. 


Can you work on bronze?

Yes, we can work on all types of metal. 


Can you powdercoat metal on site? 

Powder coating is a method of coating any type of metal with dry powder. In order to do this, the material is electrically charged, the powder is electrostatically charged and sprayed on to the material. Once the powder sticks, the material is placed in a curing oven to form a uniform coating. We are unable to do this on site. However, we can colour match any material, any colour and spray using HVLP machines or aerosols to achieve the desired matching finish. For more information on this, please view our sister companies website, spraying the damaged panels rather than remove to powdercoat you will save time and money. The coatings used are durable and come with a warranty. 

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